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Each season the Kildare Village creates a unique and creative display throughout the Village using varying themes. This season, starting with the St. Patrick's weekend and through to Easter, Stencilize and Kildare Village have collaborated to bring to life a stunning display of native Irish animals and wildlife.

For the months of March, April and May, Stencilize signature geometric animal designs will grace the facades of Kildare Village. An exciting array of Irish birds, animals and wildlife that are related to Irish heritage, stories and folklore will appear in larger than life formats throughout the village. The designs are fun and playful and have been placed in unexpected locations around the village to delight visitors and to complement the planting around the village.

Inspiration was drawn from the flora and fauna of the local area, stories and fables and our rich historic past. Keeping in line with themes that run through Stencilize’s own designs, we used contemporary geometric animal graphics, with crisp clean lines and simplified forms. Stencilize’s most recent collection has a lot of movement, flying birds and running animals that a create a sense of dynamism.


Shamrock Design

The shamrock design came from wanting to use a recognizable symbol for the St Patrick’s Weekend activities in the Village that was also a celebration of a more modern Ireland. We asked Stencilize to transform it into something a little more contemporary, while not straying from the immediately recognizable form to reflect our more modern society.


 Stencilize animal theme
Aoife Hanrahan, the artist behind Stencilize has always been a big animal lover, but it wasn't until she began creating stencil art a few years ago that she revisited her love of nature and animals.

“Animals played such an important role to me in my youth. They also form the rich tapestry of what makes Ireland what it is today. They are part of our history and heritage, they are hugely symbolic, animals appear in so many of the stories we would have learned growing up. I am delighted my designs are being used to help spread these wonderful stories a little further around the world. “ - Aoife Hanrahan


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About Stencilize

Stencilize is an Irish clothing and design brand with a unique aesthetic with crisp lines and geometric forms apparent in their fun and quirky animal graphics. It is the work of Interior Architect turned homeware and apparel designer Aoife Hanrahan. Having studied Industrial Design in NCAD, Hanrahan went on to work in the architectural industry for a number of years where she developed a love of geometric form, clean lines and simplicity.

“I had always wanted to design and produce my own range of products. During the recession, as creative work in architecture began to dwindle, I took the opportunity to experiment with various design techniques. I had always wanted to try stencil art but never found the time. I was hooked immediately. Growing up in the countryside in Kildare, I was obsessed with animals and nature, something that kind of slipped into the background as I grew up. I experimented with many different subjects but always returned to animal graphics. I love the simplicity of origami art, reducing an object to its bare minimum while still maintaining the recognizable form. My background in architecture had a big influence on the geometric style, clean crisp lines and simple geometric forms. The placement of a single line can change the overall feel of the graphic. Linework is very important in creating a 3D feel on a 2D graphic. From creating stencil art I began exploring various printing techniques for applying the designs to ceramic, wood and fabric.”

Focusing mainly on apparel, but also incorporating a large range of homeware, décor and accessories, the brand has gone from strength to strength. The Stencilize collection also includes adult and children's clothing, art prints, jewellery, bags & ceramics.

“Working with Kildare Village on this project has giving me an opportunity to think about my designs on a larger scale format. Recently I have been focusing on designing native Irish wildlife, and have incorporated many of these designs into the current theme for Kildare Village. The designs have a lot of movement, running foxes, flying swans and horse designs. The theme is a celebration of Irish heritage and wildlife but in a contemporary style. “

Stencilize X Kildare Village