Cold brews in the Village

Joe's Coffee has embraced the warm weather and has brewed up some exceptional cold brew coffees for your pleasure. They have two cold-brewed filter coffees in bottles as well as five new speciality iced coffees which are prepared at the bar.

The iced coffees are:

Affogato: two scoops of vanilla ice cream with an espresso on top
Shakerato: espresso and sugar shaken with plenty of ice and strained into a martini-like glass
Lavender Honey Iced Latte: a cold latte with plenty of ice and sweetened with lavender-infused honey
Vietnamese Latte: espresso and condensed milk shaken with ice (sweet and rich)
Iced Cascara Sling: the hibiscus cascara infusion with some lime juice/zest and sugar syrup served in tall glass on plenty of ice.

These coffees are sure to keep you cool all summer long!

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