Five Foodie Trends to Try This Summer

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Foodies take note - here's five trends to indulge in this summer

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Foodie season is upon us and if you don’t know your jackfruit from your jicama, don’t fret: we’re here to bring you five trends that should be on your radar, whether you’re feasting al fresco or chasing the finest food festivals the nation has to offer.


Great for gut-health groupies and lovers of clean eating, fermented foods are the newest addition to the superfood clan. Yes, the food has been around for centuries, but only recently has it been adopted by the mainstream market. The reason for its sudden popularity? It's suitable for vegetarians, vegans and even pollotarians, and there are infinite pickling possibilities: sausage, sauerkraut, seaweed… you name it!

Try: Using kimchi and pickled turnips to spice up your summer salad roster. And for DIY lovers, home-made fermented carrots will impress the fussiest of dinner guests.



The future is bright, and we mean brain-food bright. From nootropics (derived from the Greek word noos for 'mind' and tropos for 'turning' - think spinach, dark-green leafy vegetables and raw cacao) to nutrition-boosters such as blue-green algae (vitamin and protein-rich, and credited with boosting the immune system) and grass-fed cultured butter that contains live cultures.

Try: Dissolving collagen powder into your morning tea or coffee for a protein boost.



Aquafaba, cashew butter, jackfruit… welcome to the wonderful world of plant-based living. Touted for their health and environmental benefits, a plant-based diet is a meat lover's answer to veganism, since it reduces but doesn't entirely eliminate meat products. So expect more meat-free days and vegan BBQs, as well as plenty of food. Even coffee chains are making dishes plant-based with small twists.

Try: A quinoa and beetroot burger on your next meat-free Monday, or coconut bacon next time you're craving a BLT.



Move over craft beer, booze-free botanical spirits are taking over and you can thank health-conscious millennials for their sudden rise. Expect to see infusions with natural sweeteners such as lavender, juniper and hibiscus on every bar's mocktail menu this summer.

Try: Swapping your strawberry spritz for sparkling apple cider vinegar, which will be your next fizzy drink obsession.



First there was brunch, then brinner, now we have a fourth meal to contend with. If you have the appetite of an athlete or are looking to cut out snacking by eating smaller, healthier meals more often, it's time to say yes to the fourth meal of the day.

Try: Tapas-style Indian street food - puris stuffed with zingy vegetables anyone? - when you have a jam-packed week ahead. Or opt for an energy-boosting salad after an evening workout.


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