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Mistletoe magazine is all about taking the stress out of the build-up to Christmas, from fashion buying to fi nding the perfect gift for someone special and surviving the party season. And that’s exactly what I hope to share with you at our exclusive reader event in Kildare Village. On the eve of the magazine being published – with the Irish Independent and the Herald – you will be getting a fi rst view of all the gems I’ve curated on my visits to the Village.

Finding the perfect party dress shouldn’t fi ll you with trepidation and I will be suggesting some looks to suit all shapes and budgets. I buy a lot of black and navy items for my working wardrobe and for a point of diff erence, I like to add personal touches with statement earrings and statement handbags. My favourite way to lift a little black dress is fancy tights. They are a true style friend and are brilliant for reducing your stress levels if you are trying to transform a work outfi t into eveningwear quickly.

By far the most popular gift to my friends last Christmas was a box of three pairs of super-glam tights. It worked so well, I’m going to reprise it again this year and at our shopping event, I will be showcasing some of my favourite style for the festive season. I’m a big believer in investing in luxe pieces that you will use all year round. On a cost-per-wear basis, it makes total shopping sense. I like to recommend shopping with a 12-month focus – from designer sunglasses to tactile cashmeres and the super-duper coff ee machine that will make your 7 am wake-up call all the more bearable. On my travels, I even discovered a toaster that will cook your breakfast eggs at the same time.

Buying Irish is also very high on my agenda and it gives me great pleasure knowing that my wardrobe additions have an actual impact on the Irish designing scene by contributing to the balance sheet of emerging and established designers.

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Places to eat

Kildare Village offers a range of food and drink options to suit every taste. Enjoy, for example, Italian cuisine at L’Officina or indulge in crêpes made with organic ingredients at Crêperie Angélie.


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