Tess Purcell - Style Tip's

Style tips from personal shopper Tess Purcell:

Sticking to your budget will be easier, and you will get a more impactful result if you weave in your strategy. Your plan should include investing in a transitional piece, a classic piece, and a piece whose sole purpose is to update.

Transitional pieces will seamlessly bring you from one season to another but that’s not all they do. A clever transitional piece will also bridge your existing wardrobe . Think a pop of colour scarf, or a long cashmere cardigan that might double as a coat when needed.

Classic pieces, like an Aquascutum trench or a Mulberry Bayswater bag, lend gravitas to an otherwise basic outfit and virtually never date. If its something your Grandmother, Mother or you yourself would wear, then it’s a classic piece and this is the one worth investing in.

Your “updating” piece is the fun bit, and signals that while you might be a classic girl, you keep an eye on trends and know how to incorporate them. A good one here might be a to update your denim or any piece with a pop of colour in the 2017 pantone-green will be big.

The confidence that comes with having a hardworking wardrobe ironically allows you to forget about how you look and fully show up in the more important areas of your life.

  • Identify the gaps in your existing wardrobe.
  • Love what you buy. Dont buy “likes”
  • Do your research. Know the trends but adapt them to work for you!
  • Focus on your assets
  • Always remember it’s your proportion, not your size, that will determine your silhouette.
  • Try everything on. We can’t stress this one enough.
  • Ask yourself “will this item work with at least 3 other existing items in my wardrobe?” If the answer is no, put it back.
  • Separate from your friend during the actual shopping part of your day out. Unless your friend is a stylist or Personal Shopper.
  • Pick a celebrity that has bears a resemblance to you and steal her style . (she wont mind!) Celebrities work with top stylists to keep them flawless.
  • Work with a Personal Shopper-we can take the guesswork out of your trip and save you time and money.