Nikki Tibbles Q&A

Following the enchanting transformation of the Village, we had the chance to speak to Nikki Tibbles, owner and creative director of ‘Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart’:

KV: What was your creative vision/inspiration for the transformation at Kildare Village?

NT: Ireland is renowned for its lush, green, rolling landscapes, and this really was the initial inspiration for Kildare Village. Green, white, natural and texture were all words that sprung to mind. The country's majestic forests, and wonderful beauty is all inspiration to me. I was also keen to look at Irish heritage and everything that makes Ireland one of my favorite countries in the world.

KV: Do you always use indigenous planting and materials?

NT: Yes, each Village I am working on reflects the heritage of the country and the lifestyle of the people. Light, texture, scent is very important to me. I want people to come to the Village, to be able to sit in a lovely shaded area, that is beautifully scented, and to really enjoy spending time there.

Nikki Tibbles Enchanted Kildare Village

KV: What do you love most about Irish landscapes?

NT: The peacefulness! I love that you can walk, and walk, and walk, and truly be at one with yourself. It's the perfect escape from my London life, and the perfect place to walk my 5 rescue dogs. I love the different shades of green and that the countryside always looks so lush.

KV: What else were you inspired by? Music, history, fashion?

NT: I am continuously inspired, every day. By music, fashion, history, architecture, by people I meet and by places I visit.

Enchanted Kildare Village

KV: What's your favourite space in Kildare Village and why?

NT: I really like the Breezeway area with its large planted trees and light bulbs overhanging. It's a nice communal eating area to spend time, relax and take a break from shopping.

Enchanted at Kildare Village

KV: How important is it to you that people enjoy and interact with the space?

NT: For me, this is one of my main objectives. I want customers to feel part of the Village and not only visit Kildare Village to shop and eat, but to enjoy spending time in the green spaces full of lush plants, trees and wonderful scents.

Enchanted at Kildare Village

We've all been blown away by what Nikki and her dedicated team have created and we hope that you can take the time to pop down, explore and be enchanted by the magical landscape here at Kildare Village! 

Enchanted at Kildare Village



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