Paul Costelloe

Emerging from Dublin over 30 years ago, Paul Costelloe has since created one of the most recognisable menswear brands in Ireland and the UK. His design philosophy of youthfulness, classic tailoring and quality become collections of sophisticated elegance with a contemporary edge.


Rooted in the homespun tweeds of Donegal county fairs, Magee clothing
has evolved over 150 years. Introducing the distinctive earthy colours
inspired by Donegal’s sea and landscape to their weaves, the brand is
now synonymous with Irish tweed mens and womenswear.

Francis Campelli

Responding to the Irish weather with style, Francis Campelli has been designing classic Mackintosh raincoats for almost 40 years. This collection of resinated cotton rainwear with corduroy body lining is waterproof, windproof and durable, ideal for a soft Irish day.