Candella was set up in 2014 by Gosia Sobkowicz and her husband Marcin in Co. Kildare. Gosia has always been passionate about fragrances and completed the perfumery course at the London College of Fashion. Their handcrafted candles are made using 100% natural pure soya wax. Candella merge natural raw materials with highly sophisticated scents, eco-friendly ingredients and unique design.

Hue Complete Me

After completing a master’s degree in Interior Architecture Tory Casey put her experience in design and advertising together to create the modern stationery line Hue Complete Me, which is based in Malahide, Co. Dublin. Her designs incorporate bold colours, modern typography and focus on geometric and natural shapes.

Ail + El

Ail + El is a contemporary Irish homeware brand based in Dublin. The handcrafted range is informed by both the architecture and graffiti of Dublin City. Ail + El combine industrial and bold qualities of concrete with geometric patterns and vibrant colours to create both functional and aesthetic pieces for the home.

Chloë Dowds Ceramics

Chloë designs porcelain tableware with flow and comfort as her guide. Fire-thrown at first, Chloë indents the soft clay, moulding a textured surface for the thumb to explore and polishes with a glossy, translucent glaze, making each piece smooth to touch. Chloë imitates the vibrations of music in the soft spirals and curves of her work.

Vivienne Foley

Vivienne Foley creates hand thrown, classical and abstract porcelains. Her works are renowned for their clean lines and disciplined shapes, sculptural curves, accentuated by black or ivory glazes. Her work can be found in the White House, the royal household Sweden and the National Museum of Ireland.

Diem Pottery

Moulding his first pieces of pottery in his father’s own studio, Thomas Diem perfected his skills after completing the DCCOI pottery course, ultimately opening his own studio in 1997. Using traditional methods, Diem Pottery aims to create beautiful yet functional ceramics to enhance daily lives.


Established in 1892, Foxford Woollen Mill is one of the last working mills in Ireland and its products reflect these years of craftmanship. Rescued in 1988 by Joe Queenan, the textiles were renewed by designer Helen McAlinden with clean, vibrant colours and softer finishes.

J Hill's Standard

J Hill's Standard is a maker of contemporary cut crystal, crafted by hand using knowledge and skill passed down through generations of craftsmen. The brand takes its name from John Hill, and 18th Century glass alchemist and innovator. Hill was credited with revolutionising the production of cut crystal in Ireland and with setting new standard of quality and material perfection.

Só Collective

Só Collective takes its name from the Gaelic word só, meaning ‘treat or luxury'.


At Só Collective, designers using the latest creative technologies can be discovered alongside the work of makers who have been honing their skills for decades.


The stage set for the boutique is based on a vision of luxury experience, where raw edges meet refined moments.