Clarks are a British footwear brand that have been making shoes since 1825.

Today Clarks are the world’s leading “everyday footwear” brand, selling more than 50 million pairs of shoes every year. Every pair of shoes Clarks makes combines the unmistakeable Clarks brand heritage, style, comfort and innovation. Creating stylish shoes that are a pleasure to wear.

School Shoes Tests:
All Clarks School Shoes endure a series of up to 50 tests to make sure they are fit to wear the Clarks name …
And that’s before they get tested for real by local school children who need to give us the thumbs up before any of our shoes hit the shelves in store.
The 50 tests prove Clarks school shoes:
- Fit Better
- Last Longer
- Remain Comfortable
- Scuff Resistant
Leathers, linings and sock materials are tested to over 50,000 cycles so even the most active children can stay smart for longer – well, their shoes anyway!

Soles are flexed up to 30,000 times and leathers up to 500,000 times so we can be sure our shoes stay supple no matter how far a child skips or sprints.

Slip Resistance
We test our shoes in all conditions so they are not great for skidding round the playground

Buckles and straps, zips and laces are put through a selection of rigorous tests to ensure they can withstand being tugged on by the toughest little hands.

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Clarks lace up Norton boot
RRP €199.95 Village price €59.99
Lace up Norton boot
Clarks tall Norton boot
RRP €199.95 Village price €59.99
Tall Norton boot
Clarks Norton boot
RRP €199.95 Village price €59.99
Black Norton boot