Chew Brew

From its seriously Instagrammable pale pink kiosk at Kildare Village, Chewbrew serves up a wide variety of Bubble Teas from the classic Milk Teas, Fruity Iced Teas and Fruity Milk Teas all the way to Iced Coffees and Matcha Lemonades.

Chewbrew is well known for both the quality of their freshly brewed, premium Assam Black and Jasmine Green loose leaf teas and the variety of their toppings from Popping Boba to their famous Tapioca Pearls that they prepare fresh in store throughout the day. Chewbrew also pride themselves on using natural ingredients and 100% Fresh Irish Whole Milk.

Be sure to pop by and try a classic Black Milk Tea, refreshing Watermelon Iced Tea or maybe a creamy Taro Milk Tea.