Burger Boy

Burger Boy is a fun gourmet burger truck passionate about creating experiences.

When it comes down to the good stuff, there is only one man for the job - master butcher James Nolan of Nolan's of Kilcullen. Since opening in 1866, it has won multiple awards for quality.

Our heifers are hand selected from Nolan's farm & local farms around the Kildare region for the best flavour


As burger enthusiasts, some may even say experts, we know the bun is just as important as what is inside! That's why we work closely with Coghlans Artisan bakery to be able to have fresh golden brown brioche buns brought straight to our door.

Our burgers are crafted with the freshest quality vegetables in season delivered every morning!

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Burger Boy is located in front of the Kurt Geiger boutique.

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