There goes your last excuse not to work out…

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Arriving at the gym or that always-full yoga class with time to spare is quite often a luxury, especially if you’re tearing into the studio before or after work. That means there’s not always time to remove your make-up or treat your hair with much more consideration than queuing to borrow an elastic band from reception. Isn’t it funny how we take care of so many different facets of our well-being, but not all at the same time, and not always in a way that helps the other facets too? This year, we’ve scoped out the best gym-ready beauty essentials to keep you skin, hair and mind feeling as good as your body before, during and after even the hardest of workouts.


Just as a sommelier pairs wine with food, yoga teachers are now creating classes around essential oils, carefully choosing specific scents that either stimulate or calm the body and mind, offering a holistic, sensory experience. The good news is that you don’t need a degree in olfactory science to be able to take care of yourself during your next workout or flow. Thanks to sprays, mists and pulse-point oils, there’s a blend for every need – yoga, energy, restoration, sleep… you name it, there’s a scent to get you there. Dab it on pre-workout or take a roller into class and use it when you need a little boost or comedown



Any beauty product that promises to shorten our routine is a winner in our book and aside from nourishing dry hair and adding shine, we love that this new crop of hair masks activated by body heat work as you work out. No extra steps, no hassle, zero energy required: simply spritz them on pre-class, twist your hair into a braid or topknot for deep conditioning and go. When you’re done, simply undo your hair and get back to business as usual.



The jury’s out on whether or not you should be wearing make-up at all while working out, but if you just can’t go sans product in the gym (I mean, there’s no telling who you might bump into), then your best bet is to keep things as clean as possible. You don’t want to walk out of class with red, irritated skin because your pores are clogged, so breathable, lightweight foundations or concealers are the key. Oxygenating foundations create a mesh-like barrier between the skin and product, promoting the oxygen uptake of the skin, which allows it to breathe



We’ll admit it, we don’t always have time to shower after working out. That might sound gross, but if you work out every day, it isn’t healthy to douse your skin in cleansers and body washes – and if time is of the essence, you’ll know that it isn’t always practical to wait 20 minutes to use a shower after your 50-strong hot yoga class. In these situations, rinse-free cleansers are a gym-bag must. Think of these purifying foams and gels as dry shampoo for your body.


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