From The Maker: Danu Ceramics

Danu Ceramics

DANU Designer ceramics was founded by award winning artist and designer Ruth Power, who graduated in 2011 from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, with a degree in ceramics. Ruth specialises in handcrafted, ceramic homewares, wall art and jewellery all made in her studio in Dublin, Ireland. The designs combine earthy, organic yet refined and contemporary aesthetics that display well in both urban and rustic settings. They are inspired by travels, nature, wanderlust, antiquated trade routes and our home country of Ireland.

‘In our designs, echoes of ancient artefacts from diverse cultures can be detected – Celtic, Roman, European, Oriental and Mesoamerican – and yet each piece is unique. We use deep, luxurious glazes and enrich our designs with patterns created from found objects obtained whilst traveling, such as antique textile stamps and fallen coconut shells. Every piece has a story!’ says Ruth.

Danu Ceramics at So Collective, Kildare Village: The Home of Irish Design

About Danu

Danu was the ancient Celtic Goddess of earth and creativity and the Hindi Goddess of water - 3 elements which are fundamental to the creation of ceramics. It is believed that the two Goddesses have the same origin, from when the Vedic people of South Asia traded and interacted with the Celts of Western Europe. Many waterways around Europe and Asia have been named after Danu, such as the Danube river in Germany and the Danu river in Nepal. Ancient peoples from Western Europe and South Asia referred to themselves as Children of Danu. In Ireland, they were called the Tuatha Dé Danann (the people/tribe of the goddess Danu). According to Ruth ‘Both regions of Asia and Ireland are a huge inspiration to the work that we create, in regards to pattern, colour, shape, function and design philosophies.’



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